1. What personality traits help an artist to make art, and which ones hinder?

I think self-confidence helps. Many people still put labels: «an artist must be hungry». But this is not always the case: you should study history or the biography of successful individuals — even among contemporaries. Faith in yourself and your business breaks through any walls and saves you from despondency. But don't go to extremes. A sober view on life is another obligatory item among the qualities, in general, of any person. And laziness greatly interferes — this is generally the main enemy.

2. What is your favorite activity besides art?

It is customary to have a creative hobby to take a break from the main work. The depressive and unemployed period affected my activity — I made a schedule for myself, in which every hour was occupied with some activity. I tried a lot of new things to understand what I want to do (including drawing). I also had 30 professions, so now I don’t get bored: I assemble cars on my own, go in for sports. When I was not allowed to travel abroad, I created a summer camp — to this day I go out of the city with a tent and a dog. Sometimes I win my kids at «Fortnite»!

3. Did you have a situation in your life that influenced your creativity positively/negatively? Or has it changed the way you think about what you do?

I have been interested in art for a long time. When I worked in the office, on the very first day I spent half of my salary on printing and ran to glue art or draw — however, then no one paid attention to me, and the scale was tiny compared to today. Once I met a girl who influenced me — she pushed me with the right words to create everything that you see now. A little earlier there was an episode of unemployment and depression. That year before «the reincarnation» in the new Titó was a big shock for me. Without work, in sickness and hunger, without friends. I just reconsidered my views on life as a whole.

4. Who would you like to talk to from the personalities who have ever lived or are living now? Why with this person?

This is a «Fight Club» style question, and it's hard to answer. As for my contemporaries, I believe in the theory of «six handshakes» and see no problem talking to anyone. Well, I live by the principle «do not create an idol». But I would be interested to know what Tesla has in mind, spend an evening with Dali, play cards with Pushkin, enter the ring with Hemingway, it would be cool to ride on a tour with a rock band like «Rolling Stones» or Hendrix’s.

5. How does your art change the world, the cultural component, yourself?

I think that I am still at the start, although I managed to do a lot in the «in a year, as in 5 years» mode. I have to adapt creativity to society, integrate where it is impossible, save face in commercial projects, while not retreating from myself and even leave what I like in the form of Easter eggs. I try to find a balance everywhere so that art comes first and decorates the project.

Thus, I found a goal for myself — to interest even the most distant person from art. Probably, these are the very changes that I try to implement as much as possible.

6. What do you think about the future of contemporary art?

Culture and society are tightly connected and co-dependent. If one thing is in decline, it is strongly reflected in the other. History clearly tells about this and shows vivid examples. I think the art of our contemporaries will not go anywhere, but will take another form.

7. What do you think about the rapidly growing NFT? Are you planning to enter this niche?

I spoke on this topic in public and wondered about the cost and value of all this. The technology itself is understandable to me, but its cultural value is not very clear. Throughout history, people have tried to perpetuate the stories or memory of great people in physical forms, and then cherish these artifacts. So I think this technology is closer to games, music, movies and property rights, but not to the art that we're talking about.

8. What is the most valuable thing for you (in the world, in life, in creativity)?