псс, парень…
мы тут интернет-магазин запустили
не хочешь посмотреть?

Well, Welcome to the Bad Gallery website. In past episodes we have chosen a font for our logo. Now it's time for you to choose the color. Please choose consciously.

This version of the logo is in classic black color — the all-time classics. As the black color simply means actually “no color”, so the classic black color is encoded with #000000.

A little over a year ago, we met to discuss what artists should be on this page. Back then, we just poured over a scan from our designer's sketchbook and promised to make real titles. So there you have it! Each artist's name is styled in the style of their work. Click to get to the artist's page.

+ Banksy Hajime Sorayama Denis Prasolov Ren Hang Jonathan Edelhuber Takashi Murakami DFACE Coté Escrivá and more to come...