1: Denis, what is most valuable for you: in the world, in life, in creativity?


2: What personal qualities can help an artist to do art, and what qualities hinder?

Obsession bothers me. if I start something, a process is started that cannot be stopped, even if what I started is not completed, even if it is a failure.

Obsession also moves me.

3: Denis, what is your favorite outside interest besides art?

I like walking the dog.

4: Would you like to talk with a person who lived earlier ? 

Today I would like to talk with virologist Mikhail Favorov. 😂

5: Denis, have you had an incident in your life that influenced your art positively? / negatively ? Perhaps, something happened and powerfully changed your views on your art?

I was very influenced by Young British Artist in the 90s. I was dumbfounded at their exhibition at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, literally depressed and at the same time inspired ...

Before meeting them, I did not plan to link my life with art.

6: What do you think, what will happen to contemporary art in the future?

Art reflects the World, and today the World is changing so quickly and unpredictably that it is impossible to make any predictions.

7: How does your art change the world, the culture, yourself?

Art is my lifestyle.

8: Denis, what do you think about the rapidly growing NFT? Are you planning to enter this segment?

I think that as usual, until I figure out what it is, NFT will cease to be relevant.