1. Which qualities of personality help an artist to make art and which hinder him or her?  

The qualities of personality neither help nor hinder; they should not worry the artist during the creation of the work. On the contrary, one should get rid of any sense of personality and qualities. A prolific worker or a lazy lunatic — it doesn't matter.

2. What is your favorite pastime besides art?

There can't be any occupation other than art, all occupations work for creativity in one way or another. For example, you can write devastating audio reviews of book covers in any bookstore and make a stand-up of it, or leave it as a diary entry.

3. Have you ever had a situation in your life that influenced your art positively/negatively? Or greatly changed the way you look at what you do?

Any situation affects creativity. To know how — positively or negatively — is practically unreal, or it will be clear later and not to us. Meetings with special people, crossings with them, as if foreseen in parallel worlds or dreams just had to happen — and there is nothing unusual here.

In general, I was probably influenced by my studies at Stroganovka, a couple of acquaintances, and my friends. And the fact of my birth itself.

4. Who would you like to talk to out of the personalities who have ever lived or are living now? Why this person in particular?

Anybody, even non-person, animals, for example. I would like to talk to a whale. Talking is basically an interesting thing, even to yourself.

5. How does your art change the world, the cultural component, yourself?

The world is a subjective concept, and its changes look different to everyone. Some people don't see the changes, while others do. It's a matter of perception. Art doesn't change you, it either finds you or it doesn't.

6. What do you think the future of contemporary art is?

There is no future for contemporary art, only the present, that's why they call it «contemporary» art. There's a plus and a minus. What possible future for an invisible sculpture for $15000 — a record in the archives!

7. What do you think about the ups and downs of NFT? Do you have any NFT projects?

There are no NFT projects. The NFT application of blockchain has to do with buying and owning. It's a new chapter in socialization, it's about money, art, investment. Like buying a coke for crypto (or a painting, music, game) — it doesn't matter if it's analog or digital.

8. What is most valuable to you (in the world, in life, in creativity)?

Nothing is more important and valuable than anything!