About balaclava, mortgage and inner beauty

1. What is most valuable for you? (in the world, in life, in creativity)?

Memories. It’s one of the only things that moves and touches me. I’m a pretty melancholy guy.

2. What personality traits help an artist to do art, and what hinder?

Rage for sure helped me a lot and continues to help my process of creation.

I started DotPigeon when I was a full time art director in an advertising agency and I was very frustrated, used to have a lot of creativity inside that was always oppressed and wasn’t expressed at its best because of clients constraints.

3. What is your biggest interest besides art?

Nothing specific, I love intrinsic beauty. The one you can find in architecture, in design, in a good wine or in everyday moments.

4. Have you had an accident in your life that influenced your art positively/negatively? Perhaps, something happened and powerfully changed your views on your art?

There wasn’t a single episode that influenced me.

At the beginning the art was completely different: I used to execute concepts with a straightforward approach. I was not an artist, more a content creator. Then boredom came. I’ve experimented so much. Always failing. Neither me nor the public liked what I was doing. Then a pandemic arrived and after a while stuck in my apartment I came up with the idea of the balaclava guy in beautiful houses. It was a sort of escape from the moment we were all living, both pragmatic and socio-cultural. At the end, obviously, NFTs.

5. Would you like to talk with a person who lived earlier? Why?

I feel guilty for not having spent enough time with my grandparents. I would have liked to talk with them more, make them proud. But I didn’t.

6. How does your art (can) change the world? 

Many people in these months wrote to me about how they had paid mortgages, bought a house for their parents by selling my artworks. Isn’t this about changing the world?

7. What do you think, what will happen to contemporary art in the future?

Only in the last month Christie’s partnered with OpenSea for Art Basel Miami, Koenig Gallery sold Refik Anadol NFT for 300eth, museums and institutions are doing NFTs shows. The direction the art world is going is pretty clear to me.

8. What do you think about the rapidly growing NFT? 

I’ve joined Nifty Gateway on Nov 29th 2020, had my first drop on Jan 6th, an amazing drop in March and several other drops, releases and collaborations. Since I’m a digital artist, I’ve immediately believed in NFTs. I’ve joined the movement as early as I could and I plan to stay.