About escapism, NFT-technology and new art medium

1. Digital art - another way to escape from reality or a new format of art existence developing in its own right?

I would not divide art into digital and non-digital. Calling an artist "digital" we deprives him of his subjectivity, while he is just working with a different toolkit, and the division here is more about the themes he chooses. In my opinion, this is more of a proto-level of art development, including the use of digital tools. It is not an attempt to escape from reality, but a desire to make sense of it, to co-scale itself with the new reality, including the digital world.

2. How relevant to you personally is the topic of escapism?

For me personally, the topic of escapism is very relevant, because in one way or another I try to find ways to escape from everyday reality and find myself a "haven of peace" for a while. I have already decided for myself that my artistic practices consist of alternately "turning off" and "including" myself in the social context. The period of escape, solitude, isolation in the "cell of creation" is very important and productive in the long run. But just as black and white, day and night, cannot exist without each other, so the period of escape must be interspersed with a period of immersion in simmering reality, whether digital or physical.

3. Will NFT ever be able to completely replace traditional art?

NFT is a kind of standardized container for all kinds of files, including visual files. Just as Malcolm McLean, who invented container shipping in the mid-20th century, revolutionized standardization, logistics, so the invention of NFT technology has created a logistical, economic furore in blockchain , has affected the sale and transfer of unique files. NFT as a container can hold any files, it is only technology, and the revolution in the art world is always a substitution of one idea for another, fathers and children, the reconstruction of one doctrine and reassembly on its ruins of a new one.

4. What is it about digital art that appeals to you personally, what additional possibilities does it offer?

For me personally, art that is born from digital tools is an opportunity to talk about topics of concern to modern man, to raise the issues of the fourth industrial transition with techniques that are in tune with these issues. Medium is the message. By illuminating the workings of the inner workings of the machine, the artist reflects the essence of its operation and its nature. In this way, digital art, created using digital methods, is much closer to understanding and fully disclosing the problems born in the depths of digital reality.

5. Who would you like to talk to from the personalities who have ever lived or are living now?

Larry Gagosian, Damien Hirst, Boris Groys, Timothy Morton, Guy Debord.