Which qualities of personality help an artist to make art and which hinder?

In my practice, I appeal to my two qualities: sensuality and analyticality, which fully corresponds to my algorithm for working on projects.

What is your favorite thing to do besides art?

Reading philosophical works, commenting on them, and consuming the information that allows me to expand my understanding of reality.

Have you ever had a situation in your life that influenced your art positively/negatively? Or has it changed the way you look at what you do?

I started actively positioning myself as an artist after attending a few contemporary art fairs — at that time I had an obsessive thought that I felt something was missing, and I understood that it was within my power to realize it.

With whom would you like to speak of any person who has ever lived or is living now? Why this person in particular?

I would like to address my wish to Ilon Musk, to present to him my idea of a meta-league of philosophers. I think he would appreciate the prospect of funding it.

How does your art change the world, the cultural component, and yourself?

In my practice I try to follow this idea — it is very close to me.

As I work on concepts, I inevitably become a little more familiar with the subject and formulate it more succinctly. The result is a crystallized statement encapsulated in a work of art. It is up to each individual viewer to unpack the narrative.

According to the ideas of the 19th century Russian philosopher V. S. Solovyov, the proof of the truth of art is its expression of «eternal ideas» and divine light through beauty and aesthetics.

What do you think the future of contemporary art is?

In my opinion, for an increasingly secular society, art will increasingly replace religion.

What do you think about the ups and downs of NFT? Do you plan to enter this niche?

NFT is just a tool. Many artists have chased its popularity, not seeing its potential as a non-trivial tool (medium) for interesting concepts, but just using it as a way to hype.

When the best form for revealing a concept that excites me is NFT, I will inevitably come to it.

What is the most valuable thing to you (in the world, in life, in creativity)?

The pursuit of truth, whatever form it takes.