Career, along with the method, developed rapidly: Alex had time to work in the movie, in design, with interiors and finally found himself as a freelance creator — now actively participates in exhibitions in Russia (the last — «|NE|paradny» at Beriozka, previously there was a collective exhibition «Image of the Day» in Lendok, solo Alex Ko and friends in Lumiere Hall, Bazart and others) and abroad.

His works are often devoted to the theme of eternal values — they are about love and fidelity, about beauty. He also conceptualizes the nature of contradictory phenomena — where is metaphysics and where is reality?

1. Which qualities of personality help an artist to make art and which hinder?

If a person is an artist, nothing can prevent him from creating, even in illness and deprivation he creates, and sometimes his best works!

2. What is your favorite pastime besides art?

For me, the boundaries of life and art have disappeared — or rather, they simply don’t exist. Everything that comes to my mind in one way or another relates to creative manifestations. I also really love my cat and walking with him — visiting exhibitions as well!

3. Have you ever had a situation in your life that influenced your art positively/negatively? Or greatly changed your views on what you do?

I believe that there are no negative situations. For an artist, every situation affects their work in one way or another.

4. Who would you like to talk to of any person who has ever lived or is living now? Why this person in particular?

Surikov. This is that unbreakable oak, which I have long immensely admired — the way he experienced, thought, loved.

5. How does your art change the world, the culture, yourself?

I think that this question will be better answered by the connoisseurs of my art.

6. What do you think about the future of contemporary art?


7. What do you think about the ups and downs of NFT? Do you have any NFT projects?

For a young phenomenon like NFT, this is quite normal. A sharp rise and a sharp fall is a natural formation.

8. What is the most valuable thing for you (in the world, in life, in creativity)?

The most important thing is the soul.