1. Which qualities of personality help an artist to make art and which hinder?

It is hard to say, everyone decides for himself or herself what is good for him or her and what is bad.

The main thing is, most likely, as in any business: laziness, spitefulness, and dependency will not do any good.

2. What is your favorite pastime besides art?

I'm slowly trying to write music, beats to be exact. In 2021 I released a mini rap album. I walk a lot, I often get ideas for new works while walking.

When it's warm outside, I ride my bicycle, I think it has something to do with getting adrenaline (I ride very fast). Biking is the only sport I can do after a knee injury (all because of snowboarding and a bad jump).

3. Have you ever had a situation in your life that influenced your art positively/negatively? Or greatly changed your views on what you do?

I think everything going on around me right now is changing and adding something new to my activities.

Of course, there were gray holes from which it was very difficult to get out — for two months I could write nothing at all, I even did not go to the studio.

4. Who would you like to talk to of any person who have ever lived or are living now? Why this person in particular?

Of the gone — Paul Cezanne, Pavel Filonov, René Magritte. Of the living — Alexander Brener, Gerhard Richter, Andrei Zvyagintsev.

5. How does your art change the world, the culture, yourself?

I can't tell you how it changes, I think it takes time and an outside opinion.

For me personally, it's the only thing I can do for a long time and still not get my hands on.

6. What do you think about the future of contemporary art?

It depends on which country. In general, the world, the art market will continue to grow and develop, but in what direction, I can't say. There will definitely be, or rather, an intertwining of the physical and virtual worlds.

7. What do you think about the ups and downs of NFT? Do you have any NFT projects?

I think it's right to say what I think about the past cycle. Any market is cyclical, the crypto market has its own rules and its own cycles. It's just that in addition to bitcoin, ether and shit coin, tokenization technology was involved in this bull market (not exactly new), but thanks to helicopter money (during covid the US gave out free money to the population) the pictures soared in value.

The technology itself is great for digital artists. Now they can sell their work, and the buyer has some sort of certificate of authenticity.

Yes, I have an NFT project consisting of three pieces of asphalt on which the sprouts are depicted, plus a couple of new ones on the way. In general, anyone who wants to stay afloat for 5-10 years, it makes sense to study what it is and how to work with this technology.

8. What is the most valuable thing for you (in the world, in life, in creativity)?

Honesty, openness and kindness to yourself, to your paintings and to those around you.